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Knowledge Pills


A lot of experiments nowadays are dedicated to the "enlightening" of our brains. Statistics show that there are approximately 600 medicines meant to treat the disturbances of the nervous system, a good part of which not only treat the disturbances, but also stimulate a normal nervous system.

Some of these medicines are Metilfenidate and Modafinil, already popular in USA. With the help of them people can memorize with a number or an element more than in a normal state (it's known that the majority of people can memorize 7 numbers and the 8th one is rarely memorized), a thing that helps in a lot of situations in our lives, take exams as a good example.

A really surprising fact is that some serious scientists also use them for a better concentration, a better memory and so on.

Another group of pills have quite the contrary effects on people because of such a component as D-cycloserine. They are used to delete information from one's memory, a property used for the treatment of phobias and dependencies.

But all of these wonderful effects of the respective medicines are actually only side-effects. For example, the already mentioned Metilfenidate is called "cocaine for children", as it is used to treat hyperactivity in children. In many countries it stays in the list of narcotic substances, along with cocaine and morphine. More than that, during an experiment at the beginning of our century, a number of persons were administered cocaine and later they were administered Metilfenidate. All of them affirmed not to have felt any difference between them!

As a matter of fact, the instructions to the majority of these "knowledge pills" say that their mechanisms of action on humans had not been totally studied yet, which means that the consequences of their administration can be completely unpredictable.

In many cases, a prolonged usage of these substances led to serious psychological dependences, disturbances of the kidneys and liver, genetical modifications and even convulsions and death. That is to say, there should be a good control in their usage and only when necessary. Nobody will become a genius immediately after the swallowing of "knowledge pills" anyway. Our brain is such a sensible and unknown part of our body that experiments on it should be made only under the supervision of a good specialist and exclusively when really needed.

And, who knows, perhaps in the nearest future we'll be able to buy magic knowledge pills that will supply our brain with all the needed information. It would be a great idea to swallow a pill of this kind in some seconds instead of trying to "swallow" a book in a couple of days...

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