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Late Delivery Prolongs Life

Women who became mothers at their 40-50's, as a rule, live longer – this is the most recent conclusion made by American demographists from the University of Utah. Besides, their brothers also have a longer life. According to the leading author of the study, Professor Ken R. Smith, the presence in one's family of women who have given birth to their first baby after they were 45 has genetic advantages for all its members, since longevity can be hereditarily transmitted. Scientists consider that in order to determine the exact chances for one's longevity, one should find out how many women in his family generations have given birth when they were older.

Doctors have analyzed demographical and medical facts about 1.6 million people, and historical documents from the universities of Montreal and West Ontario (Canada) about 400 thousand people from Quebec between 1608 and 1850. They made the conclusion that late maternity lowers the risk of death after the age of 50 by 14-17 percent. More than that, the brothers of the "late mothers" were also protected from premature death by 20-22 percent. Late menopause was also associated with longevity and delivery in a mature age.

Scientists cannot explain yet how comes that late delivery influences the length of life: be that caused by genetic factors or social and ecological factors, such as a health lifestyle and good nourishment. Presumably, genes are responsible for 25 percent of differences in life length.

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