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Late Risers Protest to Change Work Schedule


People who are genetically predisposed to wake up later are running a worldwide campaign to change the workplace structure to accommodate to their biological rhythms.

Late risers claim that they have to adjust to the schedule that favors the early birds and as a result most cannot work productive and suffer from health problems.

Appealing to genetic difference, night owls organize the worldwide campaign to recognize them at the workplace.

Dr.Camilla Kring, the founder of the Denmark-based B-Society, who has a doctorate in work and life balance says that preferences for early or late rising is genetically determined and so-called B-person(late riser) has a short version of a gene Period 3, while an A-person(early riser) has a longer version of this gene.

Angela Clow, a professor from the University of Westminster in London also claims that early birds are known to have higher levels of stress hormone cortisol.

Dr.Kring has launched a B-society encouraging the companies to recognize late risers. In a half of the year, the group already includes 5,500 members throughout the Europe and North America.

The latest researchers proved that one in four people are night owls while only one in ten are early risers, the rest fall somewhere in the middle.

Harvey Moldofsky, director of the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology at the University of Toronto says that it is important to recognize that late rising is genetic and their natural wake-up is delayed.

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