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Latest Invention: Biogel that Heals Brain Injuries


Recently it was announced that in the next three years the field of medicine will benefit from the latest invention of U.S. researchers - an injectable "biogel" that can cure brain injuries of car crash victims as well as wounded soldiers. In 3 years scientists look forward to test their latest invention on patients.

Biogel represents a mix of synthetic and natural chemicals. It stimulates neural stem cells which afterwards fix damaged nerves. Researchers decided to test the biogel on humans shortly after the studies on rats showed promising results. Scientists presented detailed information of their studies at the Military Research Forum that took place in Kansas City, US, and which has the goal of informing about the latest inventions in medicine that can help military troops.

According to Dr Ning Zhang, the lead researcher in the biogel development team at Clemson University in South Carolina, there has been an increasing number of brain injuries among soldiers and the biogel could help them all of them recover. You can find more inventions (including those from the field of medicine) here at - check the links at the bottom of the story. But, biogel can also be used to help patients with head injuries that occurred as a result of car accidents and falls.

The biogel is injected into the patient's wound site in order to direct the reaction of neural stem cells. It is worth mentioning that stem cells are able to produce various types of tissue, thus, in the brain, they can generate nerve cells. Chemicals contained in the biogel make it possible for neural stem cells to restore normal brain tissue in the head wound. The US Defense Department has given a $220,000 grant for the research.

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