Friday, 19 Feb, 2010 Health & Fitness

Latest Invention: Portable Ultrasound Scanner


If you like this invention you can vote for it here.Engineers from GE Healthcare developed a portable ultrasound scanner that could considerably increase the speed of diagnosing emergency patients and become one of the most important inventions in medicine today.

The device that is the size of a cell phone is called Vscan and it has already been introduced in Europe and North America.

The device can be used anywhere, be it the doctor's office, home or on military operations. The Vscan costs GBP5,000 (about $7,650). It will not serve as an alternative for traditional scanners but rather as a device that can help make an early diagnosis.

The first person to try out the new device was George Sutherland, professor of cardiac imaging at St George's, London. He said: "We're giving people essentially an electronic stethoscope in their pocket."

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