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Latest Invention: Virtual Copies of Patients to Eliminate Risks of Treatment


Soon, before undergoing real surgery or treatment, doctors will be able to test medications or surgery on virtual copies of patients. It is worth mentioning that scientists from different countries are working on projects that will help create personalized replicas of living body parts. Thus they will have the ability to optimize their work without any risk to the patient.

A team of researchers from Universite Libre de Bruxelles, for instance, imitates a person's walk and scientists say their latest invention will soon be tested in clinics as a tool that helps analyze the effects of such conditions as cerebral palsy.

A team from the University College London came up with their own latest invention - they developed personalized simulations of blood that flows across a brain aneurism.

At the same time scientists from the University of Oxford created a model of changing blood flow through the heart when it contracts. With its help it would be possible to observe the influence of drugs, reports New Scientist. Connecting all available models of different parts of human body, it will soon be possible to simulate the whole body of a patient.

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