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Laughing Therapy


Laughing therapy has been practiced in western clinics for a long time. One of the International Laughing Society congresses (Birmingham) has given evidence of facts referring to tumors: patients who are regularly made to laugh have a higher percent of treatment results.

People who laugh a lot have a 40 percent lower risk of having cardiovascular diseases than sad people. This fact has been proved during a research. It seems like we don't pay too much attention to such a serious therapeutic method of treatment as laughing. But laughing therapy is more and more popular all over the world.

Humans have copied the first "threatening" smile from animals: take for example the threatening "smiles" of tigers and the teasing smiles of monkeys. Laughing has appeared as unloading after a dangerous game, when the primitive man, protected by the stony walls of his cave, realized that he can tease a tiger with a smile without any bad consequences for himself.

Laughing when it isn't funny. The analgesic effect of laughing has been showed in many studies. This is especially available for the relief of chronic pain in arthritis, spine lesions, neurological diseases etc. Some doctors think that laughing brings about the secretion of endorphins into the blood - biological active substances with analgesic action. More than that, it is known that laughing is a strong muscle-relaxing method, which also relieves pain.

Virus fighting. Our immune system's reaction to laughter is quite opposite to its reaction to stress. People who like to laugh a lot rarely get sick – this is a proven scientific fact. An experiment has even showed that mothers who laugh a lot have babies who seldom catch cold!

Laughing lowers blood pressure. Laughing can also be called "inner jogging". Like in common morning jogging, the blood pressure increases and then it gradually lowers till it gets lower than the initial blood pressure. A person with hypertension, however, should not consider experimenting - laughing isn't a method of intensive therapy.

Laughing your lungs out. As a matter of fact, laughing is a type of respiratory gymnastics. It corresponds to the Sanskrit name of "hasya-yoga". "Ho-ho" goes from the abdomen (diaphragm), "ha-ha" goes from the heart or from the thorax, "hi-hi" – from… the third eye. It would be perfect to learn and use all these types of laughing with therapeutic purposes, but the most important laugh today is considered to be the deep one, the so-called guffaw.

Sugar melting. Laughing is considered to be a method of fighting stress (it inhibits the secretion of 4 main stress hormones). Recently, Japanese scientists discovered that laughing directly influences glucose level in the blood.

Weight loss. Greek researchers have found through an experiment that 10-15 minutes of laughing burn from 10 to 40 calories, which leads to almost 4.5 lb (2 kg) weight loss per year.

It is known that men laugh more intensely than women do. The longest continuous laugh "attack" has lasted 45 seconds.

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