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Laziness Is Harmful For One's State of Mind


Laziness leads to serious stress and psychological problems. This is the conclusion made by experts from the University of Carlstadt in Switzerland.

Involuntary rest from working is usually linked to the worsening of relationships with the boss, colleagues, friends and close people, thus favouring the development of psychic disturbances, psychologists say. They say that a long-term rest from work empties one from the emotional point of view. For many people, work is an important part of social life and its loss can negatively influence one's state of mind.

More than that, long periods of such rest, especially when the person has always been busy working before that, lead to chronic stress. The conclusions of therapists are based on the analysis of the consequences of substantial changes in the labouring area of Switzerland in the early '90's. Long-term holidays usually complicate the process of one's returning to work.

Researchers underline that the results of the study can also be applied to jobless people. Thus, labouring sphere's problems become problems of social health security.

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