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List Of Products Making Our Life Longer Created


A list of 20 products stimulating the regeneration of the whole organism and leading to life prolonging was elaborated as a result of common researches made by scientists from several universities in USA and Europe, including the British University in Leeds.

The list was made on the basis of recent discoveries, linked with the biochemical mechanism of human cells' ageing. Every "long-life" product in this list contains exclusively active biological substances, which have a positive and efficient influence on the complicated biological processes.

The menu included strong antioxidants, such as black chocolate, tea and coffee. All of them are rich in polifenols, substances capable of restoring the affected cells and prolonging their life.

Other products in the list were: apples, black gooseberry, broccoli, cherries, tomatoes and oranges. After their research, scientists affirm that meat, fish, milk and cereals only give the human organism the needed nutrients.

In their turn, fruits and vegetables have biochemical components, which make our life longer.

Earlier, scientists announced that regular apple consumption leads to the prolonging of human life and also to the full rejuvenation of the organism. Substances contained in apples, and especially quercetine, are capable of stopping the development of tumor cells. Besides, quercetine has an anti-inflammatory effect and decreases the negative action of the so-called free oxygen radicals. Apples are also irreplaceable for a normal digestion in the stomach: their acids prevent the development of different bacteria, and pectin contained in large quantities in apples eliminates toxic substances from the organism.

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