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Living More Than 100 Years Predisposes To Depression


Many scientists nowadays work upon the creation of the "elixir of youth", based on the research of genes of a long life. The question is if it's worth doing that. It results that living long is not that interesting after all, since, in the majority of cases, depression is developed in people once they are 100 years old.

Relatives of those who lived at least 97 years or more also live longer and are more protected from cardiovascular diseases. Doctors have noticed that the protection from cardiovascular problems was inherited by the children of those who lived longer, and the protective properties were preserved for all their lives. According to specialists, the ability of preventing aging and diseases is rather congenital and is transmitted to the organism thanks to genes. It is considered that the discovery of these genes will allow prolonging life in those whose relatives did not live so long.

Specialists from the University of Philadelphia have come across an unusual paradox. People who have already reached the age of 100 are more predisposed to depression, which, as known, is one of the factors that shorten our lives.

244 people aged 100 years have taken part in the experiment. Every fourth participant in the experiment was diagnosed with symptoms of depression.

Such a high number of people suffering from depression among the "long-livers" had surprised the specialists since those, who suffer from depression, have a higher risk of death.

Now, the researchers have to explain the paradox of signs of psychic disturbances in long-livers. It isn't clear whether depression influences the length of life or not, scientists report.

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