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Man Had Been Living 30 Years With Three-Centimeters-Long Tack In His Nose


Doctors in one of the clinics in Colorado, United States, discovered a tack in the nose of one of the patients. What is really amazing is that the tack has been in the man's nose for almost 30 years.

The old Prax Sanches felt a sharp pain under the right eye while he was passing Magnetic Resonance Tomography. After the examination was interrupted, the man had spit a tack that had the length of almost 3 centimeters.

Before the Magnetic Resonance Tomography doctors analyzed the radiograms made to Sanches and noticed a metallic object in the nasal cavity of the patient. The magnetic field, generated by the tomography, moved the metallic tack from its place, allowing the man to spit it.

The patient said that he had no idea how the tack had entered his nose. The doctor Jamieson Kennedy considers that the tack entered the nasal cavity of his patient approximately 30 years ago and that a capsule of conjunctive tissue was formed around it.

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