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Many Women With Obesity Consider Their Weight Normal

Scientists from the University of Temple claim that a good self-understanding of a woman's body has its influence on her health.

They analyzed the opinions of 81 women who were asked to characterize what they think of their body. Participants included women with a low body mass, a normal weight and obesity. It turned out that even when the Body Mass Index (BMI) was increased, women still thought their weight was perfect.

"How can we treat with efficiency patients with obesity if they don't feel any harm from their extraweight?", asks the researcher Marisa, an expert in the domain of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.

Scientists have measured the height and the weight of the participants, and have also asked them to fulfill the inquiries referring to their bodies. Every woman was shown photographs in order to determine which was the perfect weight in her opinion.

The majority of women have chosen normal shapes as perfect ones and 20 percent of women suffering from obesity have called perfect a figure similar to their own. Approximately 68 percent or 1,522 overweight women, and 84 percent or 26 out of 31 women with obesity have underestimated their BMI.

Scientists are going to find out whether the tendency of having an incorrect opinion of their own body is spread among other women suffering from obesity.

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