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Men Who Drink Coffee Have Less Sexual Cells


Scientists warn that contemporary lifestyle (coffee drinking, antidepressants consumption and the utilization of mobile telephones) leads to a decreased number of spermatozoa and to the worsening of their quality indices.

The study made by US scientists says that today a man's organism elaborates 3 time less spermatozoa than the organism of a mouse.

In average, the number of male sexual cells has decreased 2.5 times during the last 50 years, from 150 million per 1 ml of spermatic liquid to approximately 60 million per ml.

Scientists from the universities of Bradford and California have discovered genetic modifications in the sexual cells of men who consume caffeine in moderate doses. Similar lesions can bring about the death of the embryo or the birth of a baby with genetic diseases.

The research also shows that the quality of sperm in men worsens with the age. In additoin, in men who consume caffeine daily, the DNA of the sexual cells is more modified. This can increase the risk of defects and mutations, such as cancer and sterility, in their children. Scientists don't know yet how does caffeine bring to such an effect.

The cause of the quick and durable decreased indices of spermatozoa's number all over the world is a mystery too. The report of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine has proposed 2 hypotheses: the consumption of antidepressants and the long-lasting use of mobile telephones.

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