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Migraine As Legacy


There's no doubt that migraine is a partially hereditary disease. According to statistics, in 44% of patients one of the parents had previously suffered from this disease, and in 69% of them – both parents. Recently, it was determined that not only migraines are being repeated in children, but also their parents' model of behavior during migraines.

The research, made by American scientists, had showed that many of the patients sick with migraines had "copied" the habits, related to the attitude towards the disease, from their elder family members. In three quarters of cases, the "bad examples" were the mothers.

The investigation showed:

59% of the patients were going to bed;

57% of them were using classic medicine bought in the pharmacy;

8% of the patients were trying not to pay attention to the symptoms of the disease;

3% of them were making home treatment.

Though the percentage of the patients sick with migraine, who were buying especially prescribed medicine, is 44%, the index of the ones who copied the model of behaviour of elder members of the family was only 19%. The majority of them had preferred to go to bed and buy medicine without special prescriptions.

If mother, who suffers from attacks of migraine, usually "smiles and endures the pain", her children will do the same. Many parents think that there is no use in fighting with this disease, but they are wrong, because the condition can and must be treated.

It is considered that people of a certain psychological profile tend to suffer from migraines more than others. Another spread opinion is that a typical child with migraine should be less active and hypersensitive. But scientists have established that this is just a myth.

Migraine is found in all kind of children – both extraverts, and introverts, peaceful and temperamental. A factor that predisposes to migraine is stress. That's why parents who want their child to have maximal results in his studies and who take him to far-away schools just expose him to stress and headaches.

According to another hypothesis, migraine is a result of the suppression of emotions and a method of helping the organism to get rid of restrained fury, anger, fear and hostility.

The fact that many children and adults suffering from migraines feel relief after psychotherapy proves that there is a truth in the theory exposed. In case of death of a close relative, divorce or other stress situations, it is worth considering addressing to a psychologist as a method of prophylaxis.

"If children suffer from migraines, their parents mustn't tell them that they are too sensitive or weak, because it might happen that their words could one day become true", considers Dr. Warner, who has studied the mechanism of apparition of headaches for years.

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