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Migraines - Original Solutions


It is well-known nowadays that circa 15 per cent of persons all over the world suffer from regular disturbing headaches, which makes approximately 585 million people. Usually, it is considered that women older than 40 are the ones who suffer the most from these headaches, but it is wrong. Children and men suffer from migraines too, though they pass away when men are 60... with no exceptions(!).

The word "migraine" has its origin from the French variant of the Greek "hemicranias", which means "pain of a half of the head". Doctors cannot explain clearly the causes that lead to this phenomenon yet.

German medical scientists, by having made some interesting observations over 300 patients suffering from migraines and headaches, have got to the conclusion that their main cause was a raised muscular tonus. That is, these people were in a constant tension and didn't know how to relax correctly. So, the main advice the doctors were giving them was to avoid being tense all the time.

Still, the most original solution for the problem of migraines was given by the Irish doctors of Belfast. After a series of long experiments, they have found out that the cause of the headaches was... the involuntary tightening of the teeth during one's sleep. As a result, the human organism starts to produce a specific substance, which causes the constriction of the brain blood vessels and migraine as a consequence.

The intelligent Irish scientists have elaborated a special small plate, meant to be introduced into the mouth before going to sleep and said to prevent the involuntary tightening of the teeth. However, the new device for the prevention of headaches has not been officially acknowledged yet and its structure is still a secret.

All the other serious investigations on this subject nowadays are more related to biochemistry. Take for example another theory, according to which serotonin could have an important role in this process. It is an enzyme that regulates the feeling of satisfaction, concerns, mood, sleep and even appetite in the human brain. Experiments have revealed that people suffering from migraines often suffer from depressions also.

And, after their being administered antidepressants that contain serotonin, their headaches are totally gone too. That's why it is possible that soon scientists will find a universal medicine for migraines, made on the basis of serotonin. Or, maybe, as a side-product, they will get a serotonin-made happiness elixir.

But that will happen some other century for sure.

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