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Modern Mobile Hospital Composed of Trailers


A team of specialists from Hord Coplan Macht + Spevco came up with an idea of designing a new type of hospital composed of 58 trailers. These trailers are arranged in a particular scheme so that they form a fully operational hospital with enough space for 48 patients.

The new hospital features all that is necessary for such a facility to operate properly, including surgical suites with 4 O.R.s, pharmacies and laboratories. If brought to life, patients from countries that lack proper medical equipment will no longer need to travel long distances to get diagnosed and treated on high-tech equipment - the hospital will come to their home.

Each trailer is destined for a particular need. For example, one unit trailer (five-unit suites) will include all the necessary equipment to serve as a Women's Health Clinic. Several unit trailers can be equipped with special resources for MRI, Mammography, CT Scan and X-Ray scanning.

The hospital will also feature a supporting nurse station, waiting area and emergency suite which, in its turn, will include 2 trauma bays with 8 urgent care beds. In addition, the local medical population will have the possibility to practice and improve their knowledge in the special university level teaching hospital.

The whole mobile hospital can be easily disassembled, transported and then re-opened in another location in a couple of weeks. More information on the project you can find here.

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