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Money to Help Lose Weight More Effectively


It seems that the next generation diet technique lies in cash. A scientist from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia discovered that overweight people lose more weight if they are rewarded for every kilogram shed.

Kevin Volpp carried out a 16-week experiment to discover that obese people who are rewarded for each kilo lost are more successful in lowering weight than those who are simply given diet advices.

Just like in many other weight-loss techniques, people gained back their weight shortly after the trial ended. In order to reach long-lasting results, the payments should be made for longer periods. It is worth mentioning that monthly payments may reach several hundreds of dollars.

The results of the study indicate that obesity might be included in the list of social troubles which can be addressed using financial motivation.

Previously researchers found that people addicted to smoking and cocaine could be cured if they were paid to stay drug-free.

In 2007 one of the largest incentives schemes to run in a wealthy nation was implemented in New York, where more than 5,000 families took part in a research that aimed towards finding whether cash rewards can increase the motivation of children to receive regular health checks and improve the rate at which adults go to work training courses.

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