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Mother's Extraweight Influences The Development Of Asthma In The Baby

Children born from mothers who suffer from obesity of any grade are at a higher risk of developing asthma.

"Obesity is not a neutral state at all, the fat tissue produces in an active way inflammatory cytokines, inhibiting the action of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the same time", Jet Smith from the National Institute of Health Security in Netherlands comments. When people suffer from obesity, they shouldn't pay attention only to the cosmetic problem of fat, but also to the problem of systemic inflammation. Fat can upset the immunological and the pulmonary development of the fetus and, most probably, it can lead to the apparition of asthma symptoms in a new-born.

Scientists gathered the data of 4,000 children from the day they were born till they turned 8. The group of children with asthma was formed by revealing an episode of rhonchus, shortness of breath or corticosteroids administration during a year. Mothers with a body mass index of more than 25 were referred to the group of obesity.

Every fifth woman (20.9 per cent) in this experiment weighed more than the norm. In families where one of the parents was diagnosed with asthma, the risk of transmitting hereditarily the disease was 65 percent higher if the mother had extraweight.

Thus, children of obese mothers are submitted to the influence of inflammatory elements in their mother's uterus, that's why the risk of developing asthma is increased in them, researchers claim.

The study shows again that weight control is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of health.

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