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Mysteries of Medicine - People-Chimeras and Water Allergy


The journal New Scientist has published an article capable of surprising any specialist. The phenomena described there can cause shock, but they are real, attested, and studied by scientists all over the world.

Allergy on water

It sounds absurd – considering that 60 percent of our organism consists of water – but some people really have allergic reactions on water.

They can drink it of course. The problems appear when there is a contact of the water with the skin. Some minutes of shower or bath are enough for their skin to be covered with red aching spots.

The first time such a phenomenon was described in 1964. It hasn't been explained yet. A possible cause of such an allergy, for example, can be a cytotoxic response of the skin to the contact with the water or its hypersensibility to water's ions.


Imagine yourself that the genetical test shows you are not the mother of your children, even though you know for sure who gave them birth. There are such situations described in some of world's countries.

It had resulted that the mother in those cases was a chimera (2 persons in one). She is the result of merger of two bizygotous twins, that is twins resulting from different maternal ova.

Nobody knows how people-chimeras come to life, but it has been noticed that contemporary methods of artificial insemination contribute to the spreading of this phenomenon.

The syndrome of the foreign accent

If you have awakened with a strong Jamaican accent, even if you have never heard of such an island in your life, this means you have the syndrome of the foreign accent.

The most popular case of this kind has taken place in 1941, when a Norwegian woman has come out of a traumatic shock caused by bombing and began talking with a strong German accent.

It was considered earlier that this syndrome refers to the psychological field, but now scientists consider that its cause is the lesion of the speech areas in the human brain, as a consequence of traumas or wounds.

It is also possible that the accent may not be foreign after all, but we, the listeners, unconsciously, try to classify the changed speech of the person in case.

The Morgellan disease

Its symptoms are: the growth of the fibers out of the rashing areas of the skin, associated with sharp pains and feelings of movements inside the skin – as if the person is infected with parasites.

Thousands of people in the world suffer from this disease, but its cause is unknown. Doctors usually say in these cases that it's just a well-known psychic disturbance, a so-called hallucinatory parasitose, when the person is completely sure that the unpleasant feelings are caused by the presence of the parasites in the skin.

Some scientists consider that the cause of the growth of the described fibers is the bacteria Agrobacterium which leads to the development of tumors in plants. Researches on this subject continue.

The man-tree

The hands and legs of Mr. Dede from Indonesia are similar to branches of a tree.

Fortunately for the man, the cause of this phenomenon has recently been found out. It's all about a rare form of immunodeficiency, that allows the Pappilomavirus to break out of the control of the organism, reports Newsland.

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