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World's First Center to Treat Nail Biting Habit


The world's first center for treating compulsive nail biters will open in September in Venlo, Netherlands.

Director of the Institute for Pathological Onychophagy (IPO), Alain-Raymond van Abbe, stated that the new center over the past two years has created its own technique that cures the individual from biting nails, thus making it impossible for one to start biting nails again.

The basic treatment of patients who love to bite their nails takes just a few hours. Alain-Raymond van Abbe claims that after repeating the procedure for four weeks the patient will be entirely cured. He outlined that the treatment proved to be successful on 98 percent of all trial patients. Only a few remained uncured and surrendered to the bad habit.

The center for nail biting treatment fits a unique device to the patient's hands. The device allows performing normal activities but at the same time it prevents nail biting. In addition it gives nail biting lovers extensive therapy as well as counseling to make the bad habit stop.

Van Abbe stated that the Netherlands currently has about 2 million people who love to bite their nails. According to statistics about 15 percent of adults, 33 percent of children and 45 percent of adolescents have this habit.

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