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Negative Thoughts About Ageing Bring About Health Problems In Older Age


Young people, who consider that old age is a hard and complicated period of time in a person's life, can really suffer from infarctions and heart attacks in an older age. Doctors have established that the attitude towards old age can determine one's future health. Negative thoughts about ageing are capable of influencing in a negative way one's future health.

The doctors of Yales School of Social Health Protection (USA) have analyzed the stereotypes about ageing, trying to determine the way they influence health in time. Researchers carried out a long-term observation of 386 people. Those who considered that old people are helpless had a higher probability of heart attack, cardiac insufficiency, angina pectoris and heart infarctions 30 years later after the first inquest.

American cardiologists consider that negative thoughts are related to additional stress, and that they also have a supplementary tensional influence on many organs' activity and function. Besides, another factor that influences health is genetics: thus, people whose old relatives had no chronic diseases will consider ageing a natural process in the majority of cases. At the same time the authors of the research cannot state that positive thoughts about old age can improve health.

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