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New Method Of Treating Infarctions By Using Cold Air Invented


British scientists have found a new method of heart and brain's protection from infarction and attacks, New Scientist magazine reports.

According to specialists, during exposure to cold, the secretion of dangerous chemical substances from nervous cells is substantially decreased, respectively, their action on the main organs is slowed down in patients exposed to the risk of undergoing infarctions or heart attacks.

The magazine also mentioned that some clinics have already started trying special devices meant to cool the skull, and also devices conducting cold air under the skin with the help of a network of pseudo-capillaries. These days, the new technologies elaborated in the University of Edinburgh are the subject of clinical experiments.

There have also been created special nasal sprays, capable of filling up the lungs of the patient with cool air in case of an infarction or an attack.

The specialists from Edinburgh have named the method they had created hypothermotherapy. Earlier, this method was limited to using special cooling panels, packages with ice or direct injections with special cooling serum into the blood in case of emergencies.

Still, after the first experiments with hypothermotherapy have proved their efficiency, physiologists began creating other methods of cooling heart and brain, more efficient than the respective one. They say that the most perfect method would be the one allowing to lower the temperature of the brain by 4 degrees, quickly and without cooling other organs too.

Nowadays, British specialists have invented new cooling helmets, capable of conducting cold air under the skull by using the dense network of skull's blood vessels. With the help of this method the doctors could reach the speed of lowering brain's temperature by 1 degree per hour.

American researchers, though, have proposed another solution for this problem. They advise using a special spray made on a chemical basis.

This chemical substance is capable of cooling the brain by 2.4 degrees per hour. American specialists have also proposed using this "ice" spray directly into the lungs, which increases a lot the chances to reanimate a patient if there is a need.

When this happens, doctors don't have time to cool the patient's brain and heart gradually, that's why when using it directly into the lungs the temperature is lowered by 4 degrees instantaneously, in 15 minutes.

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