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New Skin from Stem Cells Could Help Burns Victims


Scientists from France managed to discover a new method of creating a new skin, which could be used to help people who suffered serious burns. To recreate the skin, researchers make use of human embryonic stem cells.

The experiments made on mice showed that the stem cells developed into fully formed human skin in just 12 weeks. The details of the study were published in the Lancet journal, in which researchers wrote that the new skin could solve some of the problems that currently occur in the field. It is worth mentioning that the major issue today is the rejection of the new skin.

In the new study scientists replicated the biological steps that lead to the creation of skin during embryonic development. The cells formed a layer of skin after being placed on a synthetic net. The layer of skin was then grafted on to 5 mice. The team of researchers, led by Dr Christine Baldeschi, from the Institute for Stem Cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic Diseases in Evry, France, found that after 12 weeks the skin had a structure compatible with the human skin. According to the team, the experiment showed promising results.

Dr Baldeschi says that the new method allows creating "an unlimited resource for temporary skin replacement in patients with large burns awaiting grafts of their own skin." Currently scientists are getting ready to test the new technique on humans.

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