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Nicotine Supresses the Feeling of Anger

Nicotine has a calming effect by the means of changing the activeness of brain areas, which slow down the manifestation of negative emotions, researchers say. Scientists from the University of California studied the emotional reactions of people under the influence of a nicotine plaster.

Non-smoking participants played a computer game, while seeing on the monitor the image of the other participant, their opponent. After each stage of the game, the "winner" was sending an unpleasant audio signal to the participant who lost the game, choosing the volume and the length of the signal.

In some people nicotine was suppressing the aggression, even after their opponent was challenging them.

According to Jean Hehrick, the author of the research, "not only the reactions of fury were changed in the participants, but also brain metabolism". The lowering of revenge stimulus, brought by nicotine, was linked to metabolism changes in the areas responsible for receiving, sending and processing emotional stimuli.

Scientists based their conclusion on the fact that people who have a higher tendency to aggression, easier get used to cigarettes.

Researchers say that the new method of treatment, which influences the areas of the cortex and the limbic system of the brain, and also learning how to control fury will help smokers cope independently with situations that lead to anger, these situations also being the ones that cause nicotine dependency.

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