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Not Only Age Influences The Appearance Of Wrinkles


Not only age adds wrinkles on one's face: a study made on 186 identical twins had showed that, apart from the genes responsible for the appearance, certain external factors may also influence the way we look, likar.info reports.

American surgeons from the University Hospitals Case Medical Center have established that divorce, the administration of antidepressants and excessively thin figure may cause serious harm to the face. Thus, by avoiding these factors, one can cheat on the inner biological clock and prevent the apparition of additional and useless wrinkles, doctors affirm.

Dermatological examination and different inquiries have determined that divorced twins looked 2 years older than married or even widowed brothers and sisters. Besides, antidepressants and underweight were also associated with quicker rhythms of ageing: very thin people who used to take antidepressants, even younger than 40, looked older, while 40-years-old people with a healthy overweight looked a lot younger for their age.

Doctors suspect that the administration of antidepressants weakens the facial muscles, divorce influences negatively the appearance because of high levels of psychological stress, and anomalous weight loss has negative consequences for the whole organism. However, the results of this research don't mean that overweight helps one in looking younger, physicians warn.

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