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Now one blood group fits everyone


A new discovery was made by international scientific team who established a way to convert one blood group into another.

The finding can revolutionize medicine as it means there will be no lack of blood supplies. The study conducted by experts from University of Copenhagen published their results in Nature Biotechnology journal, where it is stated that O blood group can be a source for all the other blood types (A, B and AB).

If earlier the mistake of giving wrong blood group could lead to hazardous reactions from the immune system and in severe cases result in death, now all blood groups can be converted into one O group and used furthermore.

It is known that blood group of those who have A and B groups has sugar molecules that respond differently to other blood group. People AB blood group is the rarest one and their blood contains both antigens. Transfusion of the different than individual's blood group is a serious impact on the immune system and incompatibility may become crucial.

Studying more than 2,500 bacteria and fungi experts found proteins that can act as destroyers of sugar molecules. Scientists discovered bacterial enzymes from Elizabethkingia meningosepticum and Bacterioides fragilis that are able to remove sugar molecules from the blood cells thus making one blood match other blood groups.

After test trials new blood where A, B and AB blood groups will be converted into O group is anticipated to be used in hospitals.

The National Blood Service now has 40,000 of blood samples that can be enough for about five days.

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