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Number of Alcohol Related Illnesses Doubled in the UK


Number of Alcohol Illnesses Doubled in the UKHealthcare Organization claims that in the UK the number of people, who have been treated from illnesses caused by alcohol consumption, has doubled during the last 10 years. In average a British drink is an equivalent of 9.6 liters of pure alcohol per year, whereas even in Russia, the country which is supposed to be the most 'drinking' country in the world, the average number is 8.7 liters.

Last year healthcare institutions registered 280,000 people treating from alcohol related illnesses. This statistics included not only liver and kidney diseases, which are most common among alcohol consuming people, but also injuries received due to excessive alcohol consumption.

The statistics also included an alarming figure of 30% of children aged between 11 and 15 years, who think that drinking a lot of alcohol at least once a week is absolutely normal. Healthcare organizations claim that a drinking young generation is not only a problem of Great Britain, but it is a global one.

A doctor at one of the London's hospitals said that today's average patient, suffering from alcohol abuse, is a 20-30 years' old person, whereas previously there were only 50 year olds addressing a medic with such problems.

The current report revealed the seriousness of the problem called 'alcohol abuse in the UK'. Many British doctors claimed last December that nearly one third of domestic violence and a half of the other violence related crimes registered in the UK where caused by alcohol consumption, as reported by BBC.

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