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Old People's Brain Capable of Blocking Negative Memories And Emotions


Old people's brain is capable of blocking negative memories more than the brain of young people, American researchers report.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that old people use their brain differently than the young one when it comes to keeping memories and, mainly, memories related to negative emotions.

Specialists have found volunteers for their experiment, the average age of whom was 70, and also 24-years-old boys and girls. All the participants in the experiment were shown images with unpleasant content: violence, snakes' attacks and so on. While watching photos scientists performed a functional Magnetic-Nuclear Resonance tomography in order to determine the brain activity of participants when they watched the images.

They found that old people have less links between the brain's area responsible for the control of emotions and the area that is responsible for regulating memory and study abilities. But they also have strong links in the frontal area, responsible for complex processes of behaviour and choice manifestations. Young people mostly use the areas that are linked with emotions and memories – the majority of volunteers from this group could remember the photos with negative content in comparison with the group of old people.

Scientists assume that, in an older age, the brain can concentrate on thinking and not on emotions. A surprising fact for the scientists was that the emotional center of old people's brain was as active as the one in young people, but the activity of neuronal networks in this area was different. According to specialists, the brain of old people suffers less from negative information in order to maintain a stable emotional level.

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