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Once Upon a Dream - Special Bed That Lulls Insomniacs


Created by Mathieu Lehanneur, a French designer, this therapeutic bed helps cure people who suffer from insomnia. The bed, called "Once Upon a Dream" was recently presented in the Zona Tortona district of Milan.

It surrounds the user in curtains that close automatically in order to steadily decrease the temperature and lower the lighting - the overall room temperature falls 2 to 19 degrees Celsius.. The bed is able to acoustically block external sounds using low-volume white noise, allowing the user to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Once Upon a Dream is based on the studies of Doctor Alain Nicolas, a specialist of sleep, who works in Lyon, France. The bed steadily moves a person in a dream. It is worth mentioning that after the world tour, it will be located in Reims at the Hotel du Marc. More information is available here.

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