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One Hour Of Sleep More Per Day Reduces Heart Problems


Scientists have established that lack of sleep can lead to more serious consequences than dark rings, Time reports.

Researchers from the University of Chicago have published their report in the Journal of the American Association, where it is said that lack of sleep can favour the calcification in the coronary arteries, which leads to the forming of thrombi in the vessels and, as a consequence, in case of its rupture, to a possible heart attack.

According to their data, sleeping one hour less each day increases the risk of accumulation of calcium in the coronary arteries by 16 percent. The group that took part in the experiment included 495 men and women, aged betwwen 35 and 4. Each one of them had a special device on a wrist, which measured how much time they spent sleeping. Researchers had measured the level of calcium in the blood vessels with the help of a special tomography at the beginning of the experiment and 5 years later. Taking into consideration the age, sex, profession and a number of other aspects, the results showed that 27 percent of those who used to sleep less than 5 hours per day had thrombi in their heart arteries. From those who spent the recommended 5-7 hours of sleep every day, only 11 percent had showed to have thrombi and, finally, among those who slept more than 7 hours per day only 6 percent reported such condition, according to the author of the article, Alice Park.

"We are surprised by this discovery. We haven’t expected to find such an interrelation and, most of all, such a substantial one", says Dianne Luderdale, a professor at the University of Chicago, specialized on the studying of population's state of health and the main author of the research.

It is known that the lack of sleep also leads to extra weight, diabetes and hypertension.

Specialists advise not to neglect sleeping and to remember that one extra hour of sleep per day prevents many health problems.

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