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Optimism Improves Health


You see pink, when you are an optimistAccording to the results of an American research, optimists live longer and a lot healthier than pessimistic people do. The study which had lasted for almost 8 years had involved 100,000 women as volunteers. They were asked to describe their personality qualities, as reports.

Those who said that they are optimistic rarely die from various causes, they have 30 per cent less chances to die from heart diseases. The group of women who were more pessimistic had a higher level of mortality, they had 23 per cent more chances to die from tumors.

The results received were presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Chicago.

Optimistic people react less to stress or, maybe, they just carry out with exactness all the recommendations of the doctors, thus preserving themselves. This was the opinion of Hillary Teandle, a professor at the Medicine department from the University of Pittsburgh.

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