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Patient Being Cured From AIDS


Doctors say that this success has been reached accidentally - as a side-effect of a fight with another serious disease.

But their words still can't ruin the hopes of thousands HIV-infected people, who practically tear apart the clinic's telephones these days.

Gero Huetter, a doctor of a clinic in Berlin, called "Charite", was treating one of his patients of leukemia, but, as it turned out, he stopped another terrible disease the patient had - AIDS. After the marrow transplant he made, the blood analysis for HIV gave a negative result.

Gero Huetter says, "This marrow cells transplant was made exclusively for the treatment of leukemia, and not for the treatment of HIV-infection. What happened was just a succesful side-effect."

The donor cells transplanted to the patient have a rare genetic mutation, called "Delta-32" invented by specialists.

The unique case in "Charite" is considered to be as an "important small" victory in the long and unsuccesful yet fight with the main "plague of contemporaneousness".

Science has not proved yet that the "miracle donor cells" are a cure to AIDS. Doctors don't exclude the possibility of the virus still existing in the organism, but not being able to manifest.

According to Hutner, the doctors of the clinic affirmed that similar transplants couldn't be considered as a source of treatment for AIDS, because that operation is a very difficult and risky one for the patient. People should not make themselves false illusions.

The name of the patient is not known. All that's known is that he is an American of 42 years old and that he has been living in Berlin for 10 years. At first, he wanted to treat himself from leukemia in USA, but then his friends advised him to seek treatment in Germany.

The press has quickly called this rare medical case as the "Hutner effect", after the name of the doctor in case.

What's important now is that this news isn't forgotten quickly as it frequently happens with sensations of this kind.

Having such information in their hands, the doctors want to go further than that. Investigations are being made every day.

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//1 Dec 01, 2008 08:38 PM | posted by: sharaeff [InfoMANIAC]
It sounds amuzing that a cure for AIDS was found accidentally. But still the news is just great!! Newton also discovered the law of gravitation in an unusual way, but what consequences it had for the future!!

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