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Patients Tested for Chlamydia Can Win iPods and Wii Consoles


Those who decide to get tested for Chlamydia will have the chance to win iPods and Wii consoles. In such a way the British National Health Service wanted to motivate patients to get tested for the infection.

British National Health Service has regional offices throughout the country. Women who test themselves in Northamptonshire have a chance to win Nintendo Wii games; patients in Camden, North London can win iPods; the lucky ones in Nottinghamshire can get a $2000 Fujitsu laptop; and, in Northumberland the prize is a $4000 holiday, reports

In addition, 26,000 young people living in Colchester received self-testing kits and those who send back their test results will receive a voucher to go to the movies. It is worth mentioning that Chamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that can persist in a woman for several years without any symptoms, which is why it is very important to get tested for the infection, especially if a person has more than one partner.

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