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Peaceful Music Is Useful For Health


Listening to favourite and peaceful music positively influences the state of the cardiovascular system, scientists report.

According to a news study, specialists have discovered that endothelium (a layer of cells on the inner surface of the blood vessels) influences emotions. It plays an important role in the regulation of the blood circulation, coagulation and its viscosity. More than that, endothelium is the layer on which the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases mostly depends, reports.

During the experiment, the participants had to listen to different types of music, beginning with merry and calming music and finishing with alarming and loud one. It turned out that the blood vessels were dilated 4 times more actively in those who listened to the first type of music, a fact which had a positive influence on the state of the cardiovascular system in its turn, in comparison with those who listened to loud and alarming music. That's why, specialists advise listening to calm and quiet music, thus improving health in the same time.

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