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Pills Against Memory Can Change One's Personality

After many years of studies, neurobiologists were able to create a medicine that blocks completely or partially human memories. Besides, people who use this drug show a complete transformation of their personality, a fact which confirms the role of memory in considering the present and in one's ability to learn.

Any attempt of changing something in brain's activity can lead to unpredictable side-effects, which are very hard to diagnose, since processes that take place in the brain are unclear and cannot be analyzed so far.

This is why neurologists look for alternative methods of treating posttraumatic syndrome (PTS). This nervous disturbance cannot be treated yet, because all the results achieved have only a temporary effect, and doctors cannot claim to have treated someone from PTS. Maybe medicines that block memory for the events which caused this syndrome will be able to help treat PTS.

In comparison with other psychotropic drugs, "drugs against memory" block the processes of memory by creating some kind of "blind spot", similar to partial amnesia, in the brain of the patient. Similar medicines must have a very exact purpose, because they wouldn't destroy the entire memory, but only a part of it which contains the last events. Scientists are sure that one can be inspired with false memory, filled up with other actions and events.

Still, such medicines would bring about a set of side-effects, psychological discomfort and cases of personality changes in patients.

According to Dr. Andres Sandberg, a specialist in Neuroethics, many well-known and popular drugs, such as aspirin for example, have a lot of unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous side-effects. Drugs "for memory's drawing up" are not different from the others – this is a rule of pharmacology.

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