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Play Nintendo DS Games and Check Your Sugar Level


A well-known pharmaceutical company Bayer, decided to develop a special device that will be packed together with Nintendo DS game Knock Em Downs: World Fair and allow users to test sugar level in their blood.

The game features two main characters that try to save the fair from an evil henchman. It is worth mentioning that by checking glucose levels via the peripheral, users will be able to unlock additional features and new characters in the game.

It would be interesting to note that the game was developed by Guidance Interactive Healthcare, a company that in 2007 presented a blood glucose meter, dubbed Glucoboy, which includes an LCD screen that made it possible for the user to play video games.

Each year about 120 million DS units are sold in the United States and about 24 million people are being diagnosed with diabetes. Taking into consideration the above mentioned statements, it is possible that the blood-sugar testing accessory might become quite popular, informs TG Daily.

Users will be able to use the peripheral only if they own a DS or DS Lite. The accessory will not work with the newer DSi and DSi XL models, due to the fact that it plugs into the GBA cartridge slot, which was abandoned in the later models.

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