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Pregnancy Myths Revealed

A scientist from a university in Halvestone (USA) published an article, in which he tells the truth that lies beneath some myths about pregnancy, and also brings a set of scientific comments as arguments for future mothers.

According to George Saade, the affirmation saying that if a mother's belly is compact and looks like a ball, then she's more likely to give birth to a baby boy, is wrong.

The American expert says that the shape of a pregnant woman's belly depends on the state of the abdominal muscles and also on how much the hormones have relaxed the muscles in order to make space for the baby.

Saade says there is scientific "confirmation" for the legends that say that if the mother during her pregnancy has continuous heartburns, then the baby will have thick and dense hair. According to the specialist, this happens because estrogens, capable of bringing about the gastro-esophageal reflex, also control hair growth in the baby.

Besides, the scientist told about the relationship between the future mother's appetite and the birth of a baby boy. Until the baby is born, weight is constantly increasing. His testosterones increases appetite in the mother.

It is necessary to note that earlier specialists from Great Britain have come to the conclusion that women during their delivery shouldn't refrain themselves from food.

Another group of scientists told the media about the creation of a new medicine that allows treating some symptoms of the Down syndrome directly in the uterus of the mother.

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