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Psychological Tiredness Leads to Body Exhaustion


Psychological strain leads to physical tiredness and troubles the fulfillment of daily work and professional responsibilities. British specialists have noticed that, even if active intellectual effort doesn't influence the functions of heart and muscles, it causes a serious harm to physical capabilities of the body.

In a test, researchers from the University of Bangor in Wales (Great Britain) have offered the participants to ride a bicycle until they get physically tired. Until then, they had to solve cognitive problems for 90 minutes. The problems required a good memory, a quick reaction and the ability to give an immediate answer. It turned out that brain activity before the physical effort increases the probability of excessive tiredness by approximately 15 percent. People who have carried out these tasks reported lack of energy and "mist in the head" – symptoms frequently met in patients with the syndrome of chronic tiredness.

Apart from the normal physiological reactions, the exhaustion of psychological capabilities has a negative influence on body functions too. According to neurologists, the physical potential of the organism exhausts quicker in a constant intellectual strain. They say that psychological tiredness slows down brain activity.

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