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Quarter of Men Deeply Dissatisfied with Their Bodies


A quarter of men are deeply dissatisfied with their less-than-perfect physical appearance, according to a recent survey.

Following the steps of women suffering from inferiority complex because of images of physical perfection constantly demonstrated in adverts and fashion magazines, more and more men are ashamed to strip off in front of their partners.

Half of the 3,000 British men who participated in the survey believed they were fat. One in ten admitted he would agree for a cosmetic surgery to have his love-handles removed.

Some 72 per cent of men said the slender bodies with perfect shapes showed in the media made them feel insecure about their own bodies.

As Brenda Mortimore, the Association of Fitness Instructors president, mentioned, for a long time women have been under the impression that the 'perfect body' means having a figure reminding a stick insect. And the same notion becomes increasingly popular among men too. The cult of slender bodies imposed by the media makes a lot of guys unhappy with the way they look - when in fact they look fine.

The survey also showed that the majority of men have found an easy solution to lessen their worries about their body shapes. They simply lie to their partners. One in five admitted lying about his weight or waist size.

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