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Rare Cancer After Collapsing Twin Towers 9/11 Tragedy


The head of Medical Monitoring Program taking the responsibility of post-traumatic treatment of World Trade Center workers who were on September 11, noticed they had a rare and strange cancer form.

Dr. Robin Herbert the head of this program claimed that workers had a rare blood and lymphatic cancer. More than 20,000 people were examined after experts found there were many cases of multiple myeloma in young people that usually develops far later in life. The rare disease raised numerous concerns for researchers, fearing it might be a third wave of illnesses.

Although no final conclusions on the reasons of the rare cancer were made, many doctors suppose that exposure to toxic dust might be the answer. Last year research showed that about 70 % of workers had respiratory diseases.

It will be hard to estimate the risk of the new-found cancer for decades. All the workers will be monitored for about 20 years by a New York City-based health registry.

Experts are revising all the cancer cases that were found by doctors of Medical Monitoring Program. Earlier, the workers of the September 11 tragedy were found to suffer from chronic coughs, chronic lung disease and had other serious aftereffects.

However, there is no threat for public health, the sickness is a death danger for those who worked at World Trade Center and saved the lives of others.

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