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Recession Decreases Sex Drive in Men


According to a British doctor, recession could lead to lower level of testosterone in men. Men with chronic stress, caused by such problems as financial worries and unemployment, may register lower levels of the hormone, says Dr Richard Petty, specialist from a private clinic for men.

It is worth mentioning that testosterone is a gene related to sexual function, muscle mass, mood, memory and concentration. Earlier scientists found that chronic stress has a direct connection with decreased level of the male hormone.

According to Dr Petty, in short-term, stress has the ability to increase the level of testosterone, which in its turn helps a person to quickly react to certain pressures and new circumstances. However, the continuous chronic stress is the key factor in decreasing the level of testosterone, reports The Telegraph.

The doctor says that contemporary lifestyles push chronic stress to take place more often. These days, high-pressured jobs and redundancy maintain human body in a continuous threat. Decreased levels of testosterone can cause irritability, exhaustion, low libido and a lack of concentration. The specialist advises men to get more rest, eat healthy food and exercise.

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