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Researchers Use Shockwaves to Cure Erectile Dysfunction


Researchers Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, carried out a number of experiments that suggest that shockwaves applied at penises could help cure erectile dysfunction.

The new method allows patients to function properly without having to take medication, said researcher Yoram Vardi, head of the Center's neuro-urology department.

Together with his team, Vardi considers that shockwave therapy can prove to be effective and help men who have their erectile dysfunction problem linked with reduced blood flow to their penises.

The researcher mentioned that about 80 percent of patients with erectile dysfunction also have problems linked with cardiovascular system.

In their experiments, scientists treated 20 volunteers. The average age of all research participants was 56 and all of them had either mild or moderate erectile dysfunction over a period of about 3 years. Volunteers passed a number of sessions and in each session researchers used a device that looks like a computer mouse, reports LiveScience. The device applied shockwaves at 5 different regions on the patients' penises. Each region received about 300 shockwaves during a three-minute period.

The process lasted 3 weeks and there were 2 sessions each week. Then there was a three week rest and then the therapy repeated. Researchers noticed considerable improvements in 15 out of 20 patients, but they warn that such treatment may not be suitable for everyone since they selected patients who had problems linked with blood flow.

The team continues testing their new therapy and the next step will involve studying placebo groups. The results of the research were revealed on November 17 at the European Society for Sexual Medicine meeting that took place in Lyon, France.

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