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Scientists Found A Way To Treat Heart Infarction


A group of British scientists has successfully finished an experiment that can completely change the destinies of millions of people suffering from cardio-vascular diseases. They have applied the revolutionary technology by using stem cells. Scientists have found the methods to isolate, cultivate and then transplant to the patient his own cells that can turn into cardiac muscle tissue. This can lead to the rejuvenation of the heart and to the improvement of its capabilities to pump blood.

The new technology can make surgical operations with transplants of donor organs obsolete. This can allow saving 238 thousands of lives of British people dying every year from cardio-vascular diseases.

Additionally to this, this technology can also improve life quality of approximately 1 million people - this is the number of people with infarctions in Britain every year.

The research made by the group of scientists led by professor Schneider (who is also the leader of the Cardiology Section of The British Cardiological Fund) has already received the award for the medical innovations of the future (The Medical Futures Innovation Award) - analogous to Oscar Award in medicine.

The President of The British Cardio-Vascular Society and also one of the judges handing the award, Dr. Nicholas Boon, considers that the technology can improve the treatment of the patients who have suffered from infarctions or other diseases. "As the therapy based on stem cells uses the patient's own cells it reduces the risk or the possibility of complications associated to the rejection of the transplanted tissues to the minimum", he says.

In his turn, the founder of the award, Andy Goldberg, thinks that the results of the research will soon be put in practice. He affirms that it would be the greatest discovery in the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases.

When heart stops beating, the cardiac muscle cells die, and the methods of treatment that exist nowadays cannot replace them. A complete treament is practically impossible today, since heart cannot regenerate, though using different medical remedies can soothe the symptoms of the disease.

Stem cells are the so-called predecessors of the cardiac tissue. They can be found in small quantities in the human heart.

The proportion of the usual cardiac tissue cells to stem cells is 1.000.000 to 300. Researchers consider that the mission of these stem cells is to help the heart restore its functions after daily efforts. They have succeeded into separating these specialized cells and cloning them in laboratories, and then by using a special non-toxic technology they have multiplied them.

The tests they have made on mice showed that these cells lead to the creation of cardiac muscle tissue, The Daily Telegraph reports. Professor Schneider says that he wants to try these experiments on pigs, whose anatomy is closer to the human one. "In almost 3 years we will be able to make these clinical tests on people. Maybe patients with a sick heart will be saved from their problems when new healthy tissues will start growing in their organisms", he affirms.

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