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Sleeping Pills Are More Harmful Than Cigarettes


Thousands of people all over the world suffer from insomnia nowadays. One third of them have this problem very often or all the time. Circa 15 per cent of the "non-sleepers" use sleeping pills – according to doctor's recommendations or as self-treatment. But none of them realizes the danger they're exposed to.

Sleeping pills have become a common medicine today, when people experience so much stress and don't sleep well, while being so busy with their work and other preoccupations. The simplest method of "switching off" is the administration of sleeping pills.

In the majority of cases, according to doctors, people take pills with no good reasons for that. A lot of them, by the way, could return to a healthy lifestyle without drugs. Sometimes it's enough to increase the physical effort, to avoid drinking tea, coffee and energy drinks in the evenings.

In their turn, somnologists (specialists who study the problems linked with sleeping) warn that any sleeping medicine should not be administered more than two weeks, otherwise it will lead to the risk of physical dependence on the drug. In order to reach the necessary effect, the dose of the medicine must be increased gradually, and the refusal from it will bring about three times more increased insomnia.

There may also appear tremor, the development of depression and hallucinations. The American psychiatrist Daniel Kripkey considers that the harm caused by the daily administration of only one sleeping pill is similar to the harm caused by the effect of smoking one cigarette pack.

By the way, many people take sleeping drugs not only when they have a serious lack of sleep, but also when the have little problems with sleep. Mass-media is responsible for this in an indirect way, because of the so much discussed "theory" that states that a person has to sleep not less than 8 hours per day. In reality, it's not true.

Thus, Daniel Kripkey has made a research based on almost 1 million people during 6 years and has come to the conclusion that people who spend 6-7 hours per day on sleeping live longer than the ones who spend more than 8 hours on this. This is why the prolonging of sleep is not a condition for a better health.

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