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Small Doses Of Alcohol Are Useful For Bones


The presumption that excessive amount of alcohol destroys one's organism is rather doubtful. Some scientists consider that its moderate consumption can be even useful for health, reports.

For example, it was proved that small amounts of alcoholic drinks had a positive influence on the density of old women's bone material. Similar scientific studies were related to men and young women too, but none of the works focused on the influence of separate drinks (such as beer, wine or liqueur).

The international staff of experts led by Katherine Tucker analyzed this problem and studied the facts on the subject.

The authors of one of the studies demostrated the positive influence of moderate doses of alcohol on bones (and especially on the density of the bone material in the spine and in the hips).

Men who drink 1-3 pints of beer per week make their bones stronger, while in women 2 cups of wine or liqueur do the same therapeutic effect.

Scientists assume that silica contained in beer and resveratrol contained in wine improve the state of bones. However, excessive consumtion of alcohol can lead to contrary results and increase the number of fractures.

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