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Soy Reduces Stroke Risk


Researchers suppose that soy contains a substance which may help people after a stroke. The chemical, isoflavone, which was found in it, works similar to the drugs reducing the level of cholesterol.

The European Heart Journal carried out a research which proved that due to the influence of isoflavone blood flow normalized. Even previous studies showed that soy products may help not only to lower cholesterol level, but also to avert breast and prostate cancer.

The beneficial effect of isoflavone can be explained by its ability to suppress the reproduction of cells which produce vein-obstructing clots.

In order to study the properties of this substance 102 patients who once suffered a stroke were subjected to an experiment. They were divided into two groups. The first one received isoflavone during 12 weeks of treatment, the other one was given a bread pill. The experiment helped scientists to gage the extension of brachial artery under the influence of an increased blood flow. This process is of major importance as the flow-mediated dilatation (FMD) signals if the cells of endothelium function properly.

At the beginning of the research the difference between the groups was not considerable, but after 12 weeks it was discovered that the patients who received the supplement of isoflavone had better FMD than those who didn't.

Thus, it was suggested that isoflavone may help to reduce cardiovascular risk in stroke patients. Professor Hung-Fat Tse said that the nature of isoflavone and its influence upon FMD needed deeper consideration that is why it couldn't be recommended as a supplement. But he also added that diets containing a greater portion of isoflavone might help people after an ischemic stroke.

Dr Peter Coleman from the Stroke Association also considers it beneficial and adds that this very important study should be continued. What about genetically modified soy? Does it also contain the isoflavone with its beneficial properties?


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