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Subway Trips Are Useful For Our Health


The public transport may not be very comfortable, but it is useful. At least this is what Canadian scientists say about subway trips: they replace the daily dose of physical exercises.

Scientists from the British Columbian University in Canada carried out an experiment with 4,156 people. Among them there were people, who have their own cars and also people who daily use public transport. Results show that people, who travel by bus, subway, street railway and other kinds of public transport, make a three-time bigger physical effort in comparison to those who drive their own cars - a statement that complies with the daily dose of physical effort, established by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

The authors of the research, who published their results in the Journal of Public Health Policy, affirm that 30 minutes of walk 5 days a week is a good way to keep a good physical shape. "The concept of attending gyms for receiving the necessary dose of physical exercises is wrong. Such short walks during the day are historically made up types of physical activity. But, unfortunately, we have removed this activity out of our lives", says Laurence Frank - one of the University's professors.

According to the scientists, it is not necessary to try to reorganize the society and to make big investments in advertising a healthy lifestyle. There are some things, which we can do in our spare time, like: driving a car for less time and living in a way that could make us more active, and which, would reduce the quantity of polluting gases.

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