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Surgeon Finished His Surgical Operation Despite An Infarction He Had During It


Claudio Vitale, a surgeon from the clinic Cardarelli in Neapole, was able to finish the surgical operation on the brain of his patient even after he had suffered an infarction right in the surgery room, during the operation. The 59-years-old doctor had felt a sharp pain in the chest 30 minutes after the beginning of the surgical operation, but he decided to bring it to an end in spite the fact that his colleagues tried to persuade him to stop the operation.

The diagnosis of an infarction in Vitale was confirmed by the results of the blood analysis, taken during the short break they had in the surgery room. The operation, which involved the removal of a malignant tumor in the brain, had ended without complications, and now the state of the patient is satisfactory.

After the end of the operation the surgeon was hospitalized in the cardiological section of the same clinic, and a clot was removed from his coronary artery. In the nearest time Claudio Vitale plans to begin working again.

"I'm not a hero, I was just doing my job, it was my duty not to leave the patient alone in such an important moment", Vitale has declared in an interview to the newspaper La Repubblica.

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