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Surgeons Removed Ovarian Tumor Weighing 20 Kg

For some years Dennita Sierra from USA, has been trying in vain to lose weight. After she was submitted to a study of Computer Tomography, she was found to have a tumor of the ovary, as big as a basketball ball.

The patient was hospitalized into the medical center Rush University, situated in Chicago (Illinois, USA). The surgical operation for the removal of the tumor was performed by a staff of surgeons under led by Dr. Jacob Rotmensch.

According to the surgeon, the tumor was weighing almost 20 kg. Dr. Rotmensch also added that the tumor had signs of tending to malignancy, but, fortunately, it was growing rather slowly. The biggest part of the tumor was situated in the patient's left side. Besides, all her inner organs were compressed and moved from their places by the tumor.

According to the doctor, in order to diagnose ovary tumors nowadays one needs to pass through yearly gynecological check-ups. After the operation, Dennita Sierra told the media that she's feeling alright and that she hasn't been to a gynecologist since 2006.

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