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Sweat-suction surgery to cool your armpits


Suffering from excessive sweating? Now there is an option of undergoing surgery to find a relief.

Scientists from Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany said that people who face the problem of excessive armpit sweating also known as focal axillary hyperhidrosis often have difficulties in social life that cause them emotional stress.

Now Dr. Falk G. Bechara says there is a possibility for all people who want to get rid of the problem to have a suction surgery. During an operation a sweat gland is removed through a tiny needle that is inserted into the armpit. Doctors claim they already tried this procedure on 51 patients who wanted to have their sweat gland removed because of the problems it brought in their lives.

Before the procedure was performed researchers examined patients' quality of life and results showed that most suffered from emotional and social problems. After they underwent suction-curettage procedure, their scores on quality of life improved more than in 63 percent. As much as 35 percent of the patients claimed about 75 percent sweat lessening and 13 percent had more than 50 percent sweat lessening.

More than two thirds of all the patients were satisfied with the surgery, scientists say.

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